What does “World You” look like?

You can only own the world you yourself have crafted. Everything else is squatting.

So maybe we agree—you’re damn creative. Maybe even creative enough to create your own “country.” So if you did, what would that look like? What’s Country You?

Is it tidy, neat, sprung like Athena, fully formed and wise from the forehead of Zeus?

how you rule the world

Probably not quite that easy. This picture I took outside of Goreme, Turkey reminds me of how people learn to build with what they have. Some of these homes and religious houses have survived for thousands of years. Were they intent on art when they built them? Working on expressing their creativity? Mostly not–mostly the people who made these were intent on survival, sometimes escape from their persecutors, and they were often under siege  Yet many people make the pilgrimage to the region of Cappadocia because what they left is inspiring.

Most authors will tell you their books are a byproduct of a creative process that includes MANY outputs—only one of which is publishable. Ernest Hemmingway put it well when he said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

The critical part is not necessarily the book you wrote, the business you built, the building you constructed, or the movie. It’s the making the book, writing the words of the poem, building the business, and directing the movie—all acts of powerful self creation and organization that leave their own legacy in you and around you. That’s the bleeding Hemingway is talking about—unique personal “expression”—the world “expression” actually does mean to push out, just like “expeller pressed” olive oil. By organizing our own mind in a form where we can give expression, we become more of whom we are and share some of our own platform for living with the world.

If you want to organize and express a world, you can see why I would say the truth is, you’re ruling it. You made it. And much of it, some may tell you, is  not original, not profound—not “special.” Ignore that point of view. It’s not about how your thoughts stack up to the world today.

It’s how they change you on their journey from your heart to your hand. It’s the legacy the attempt leaves on the planet–like the people who created Cappadocia.

You have a unique path, one you have never set foot on. The fact that billions go before and behind is irrelevant. You still get to go. It’s your choice to take the next steps, of carving your impressions and perceptions into something you can share, you can create, and ultimately—you can be. And you can look back, and say, that’s what “World You” looks like: something  you can only behold in hindsight, by doing.