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Havana - Shooting Che Guevara Style

How to show up for your own story

Creation comes with risk. CEOs and founders are in the jump seat of making the call on risk –and opportunity–for their companies. So are those who climb in with them to co-pilot brands, like marketing directors. When they get the call for their perspective, they can take the risk and […]


5 Ways CEOs and Journalists are the SAME

Here’s the truth: journalists and entrepreneurs have more in common than not. And this is why they have such difficult relationships in many instances. If you understand how media professionals and CEOs are a like though, you can probably make life easier on yourself—and you might just get a better […]


Public relations and journalism: 2 sides, same shekel

A friend with Paladin just forwarded me a fun story on tech public relations.I really liked it, and could relate to the writer Marco Greenberg not just because I worked with another member of the founding team at Akamai (Robert Ball), but also because Marco used a metaphor I find […]