Jim Collins Core Values Tool

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I love tools, diagnostics, & approaches that simply work.

I just came across one that’s outstanding. If you know Jim Collins—author of Good to Great, Built to Last, Great by Choice—then you know there’s no deeper thinker in North America on what separates merely good companies from truly great companies.

So when I found out he had a free diagnostic to help companies work through their core values, I was glued. This is the kind of thing we use, re-use and salivate over at Write2Market, my industry leadership consultancy.

I stayed up way past “my bed time” working through whether or not our Write2Market core values—Listen, Learn and Lead—would survive his analysis.

(They do.)

If you have core values, or want to create them for your growing organization, you can’t go wrong checking out Jim Collin’s. The free tool is here: