Instant worldwide recognition

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How can you get instant worldwide recognition? It’s not that hard today–we’ve come a long way.

Consider that the most famous English language writer of all time was Shakespeare .

He was famous in his lifetime only in and around London. While his fame slowly grew, and today he’s taught the world over, in his day his work was performed in a mainly illiterate time from just a few stages. It took generations for Shakespeare to be recognized.

For you to be recognized in your group can take seconds, if you’re plugged into the right technologies and have something exciting to share.

We live in a time where the Harvard Business Review speaks of the English language becoming effectively the new lingua franca of the world—a business language relied on by French companies, Japanese companies, Chinese companies and more. Nokia, Renault, Daimler, Samsung, and SAP all number among non-English native firms that have embraced a one language policy–and that language is not theirs, it’s English.

As I write this, 1.75 billion people speak English. Literacy and English fluency are so far spread one in four people speaks English in this world. That ratio is only getting better. This means your thoughts have a wider audience than ever possible. (Citation: Harvard Business Review May 2012, p 117, Why You Need a One Language Strategy.)

But if the audience is literally billions of times larger than it was in the time of a Shakespeare, a Voltaire, a Neitzche or a Thoreau—all thinkers with a  profound impact—and so is the speed at which you can reach them. I’m sure you’ve heard the factoid that Facebook, if it were a country, would be the largest country in the world. And as I write this, YouTube, where people post pieces of their own life or creative tidbits they’ve contrived, is the second largest search engine. Who knows what tomorrow brings?  Remaining technologically agnostic, I can still safely say your distribution network is only bettering itself.

Even a hundred years ago, the process of writing a lasting work, or filming a work, was onerous and took long months if not years.  Now, you can speak directly to your camera on your portable device, and speak to the world. What do you want to say?