Get in touch with your inner Lady Gaga, Gandhi & Genghis Khan

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” said  Gandhi. And today, you can do that like never before.

Rules, culture and convention are so last year. Today, high on constant content from the Internet, people already know it all. Or at least they think they do, as soon as HuffingtonPost does.

Our new order world order is all about perception–what people think is true, and what they think should do about it.

What they think is true is often what they have been told–and that’s where it gets. You can tell your side more easily than you think with today’s technology and a touch of guts.

If you want to change our world, make a fortune, start a business, or attract great relationships, you’ll have to get in the perception business. You’ll have to power how people think about you.

That’s what this book I’m writing is all about.

HOW YOU RULE THE WORLD takes a look at why things have changed—why there is actually a paradigm shift in perception power.  If you’ve ever wanted to shake hands with your inner Genghis Khan or Lady Gaga, you might want to read it. I post updates including pieces of the book at @lisa_calhoun on Twitter to help get feedback on various chapters.