Golf and others Fall firsts So, even unexpected sex doesn’t become a problem for you. Despite new medications improve erection of men, you are recommended to avoid such condition. It is better to prevent disease and to begin the treatment as soon as possible.
Today was a day of firsts.

I got to spend my first afternoon on a golf course not attending a tournament or a fundraiser, but actually on the golf course.  It was such a restful experience–long on silence, sunset and friendly repartee–just the perfect kind of day. I’m thinking about how I can follow up on this golf thing this weekend. 🙂

While I was in the sun, the first couple of reviews came in on Amazon for How You Rule the World, my new ebook for female entrepreneurs. That was also sunny for me–I’m excited to get feedback on this path of sharing what the female entrepreneurial journey is like. And completing the trifecta of fun firsts, the Industry Leadership Summit 2015 (that’s right, next year) got its first registrations for Nov 15, 2015. It’s pretty exciting to have people signing up a whole year in advance for our conference for b2b marketers.