Dust, Donuts & Dreams: Atlanta Tech Village

Last Friday afternoon, it was time to play. I went to the right place—I toured Atlanta Tech Village. I met Jeremy Wing of Payscape Advisors who, like me, was curious to tour Atlanta’s new technology community capital city. Some friends from Entrepreneur’s Organization dropped by on their way for a beer. From the start-ups like Rimidi to Atlanta’s tech elite like Big Nerd Ranch, the place was buzzing with business.

And dust was absolutely everywhere, coating the crackle of walls coming down and dreams going up. I walked in from the parking garage right by the donut guy, armed with eats for the “Demo Party” in progress. What to do but jump in?

For me, it was like “university engineering ideals meet entrepreneurship and the enterprise.” No sugar glaze, no carefully proctored academic approach. Pizza and pulse.  Friday afternoon free-for-all, in an energetic environment that is busy being.  All-in-one storytelling talent like Anna Ruth PR sitting right next to Kashi, the energetic founder of Gigabark. Christian from Dodder Ventures exchanging quips with Urvaksh from the Atlanta Business Chronicle. I see why Allyson Eamon told me earlier at lunch last week that, “I’m going to be keeping office hours for Venture Atlanta at ATV.”

I hope you’ll drop in. And I’m asking myself, just perhaps a little harder, how I can be the change I want to see in the world. 

What do you think of ATV?