Don’t underestimate your influence

In earlier times, after all, there was also the problem of erectile dysfunction, but it suffered less, the number of men, than now, but it had a place to be.
If you’ve ever heard someone chuckle over being “Mayor” of their local Starbucks on Foursquare, or mention how they will “activate” their Twitter followers on a key issue, you are hearing a local ruler waxing large. If you think about the almost geometric expansion in self pubishing—30,000 titles in the 1990s, 80,000 in 2009, 120,000 in 2010—you see another acceleration in how fast ideas make it into circulation.

Perhaps you’re thinking, no seriously, no one really thinks about ruling the world any more. That is so passe. So imperial. So British wannabe. I call your bluff. People EVERYWHERE think about ruling the world. They just aren’t sure they can talk about it in polite company.

Have you seen what’s going on in Ontario with accountants, for example? I dare you to visit their web site.

It’s called Guide to Ruling the World,

As you get to their site, they suggest you pretend all is normal as if you were just checking your Facebook, while they put you through their course.

The truth is, ruling the world is more attainable than ever. Alexander had to inherit a massive army and dedicate his life to it, and he only got as far as the “known world.” We are still feeling the impact of the era of Hellenism he created in his short 33 years. How much MORE influential can you be?