4 reflections on the Industry Leadership Summit

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Yesterday was one of the best days ever.

100 of the top marketers in the area joined forces at the second Industry Leadership Summit. The room buzzed with energy. We also collectively raised over $10,000 to send deserving Georgia teens from challenging environments to college for C5 Georgia Youth Foundation (profits from the conference, and the fundraising reception, all go to C5 Georgia.)

I had so many highlights from yesterday–it was a total joy ride for me.

Here are some of my personal impressions . . . moments of particularly intense joy in the day’s journey. (For the marketing take-aways and coverage, try these posts:

1) Walking in yesterday morning, and seeing David Cummings, the morning keynote, and a huge friend of the entrepreneurial community Charlie Brock, CEO at Launch Tennessee, talking about how to bring more opportunity to Southeastern entrepreneurs. Happy spike! The day was already going to be good–this layered on more goodness.
2) Looking at our team, and seeing their smiles as they got ready for registration. They made a bright morning brighter with their steady anticipation of what we were doing together. There was a calm, happy feeling in the room–made all the better thanks to the expert support at Atlanta Tech Village, where we held the Summit for a second year.

industryleadership (2 of 143)(SIDEBAR: There is nothing more relaxing when you’re planning a meeting than having the kind of space Cummings has created at Atlanta Tech Village. It’s bright, lots of natural light, and top notch tech and WIFI. If you forgot it, download it. If you didn’t charge it, no problem. If you need to work it out, write on the walls.  And don’t even get me started on how nice it is to have amazing Octane Coffee there brewing its best. It makes the sun shine brighter to be in that kind of space.)

3)  Nussey’s agile brain blew me away several times in his luncheon keynote–probably most critically on his insight that marketing technology at its best frees marketers to get back to story telling.  I associated that pretty closely (maybe only in my head) with a second idea he talked about, that brands get trust by sharing knowledge and control. If you don’t have trust, I think it is indeed hard to tell a true story. I liked him saying “story is the only thing truer than truth.” You know a speaker’s got you when you’re still thinking about what he said Friday night like I am, and how to apply it. (Thank you, Bill–and for all of you who love this topic, check out Bill’s blog post with his entire marketing automation presentation.)

4) I’ve had the immense privilege of hearing David speak a few times. The stories he shared this time in the morning keynote rolled over me in a familiar, positive cadence. I was able to watch our audience. Several of them visibly lit up, empowered by his way of sharing how he went from dorm room to Atlanta’s tech darling. Today back in our office, I smiled to hear even more stories about how inspiring David’s story is. He makes people–including me–feel seen, shown the way and more ready than ever to soar.

Being with dreamers who are also doers is immensely uplifting.

These are some of my personal take aways on the Industry Leadership Summit of course–the meatier stuff is on the Write2Market industry leadership blog.

I am enjoying basking in the simple appreciation of the experience. I’m so proud of what our team put together. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next year.

November 5, 2015 we’re back at Atlanta Tech Village for the third year of the Summit–if you’re in marketing, mark your calendar for something amazing.

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